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Why hire a webmaster when you can have KLM Technologies to look after your web site for as little as $50 per month!

Once your company's site is up and running, it has to continue to be current and dynamic. As an important tool of your business, it needs to be maintained by professionals. You need a webmaster to manage it.

KLM Technologies offers incredible value by providing support to your existent web site as well as to the sites developed by us. Our maintenance packages start from only $50 per month and based on your requirements, cover services such as information and graphics updates, database management, the further development (expansion) of your web site, etc. All sites supported by us get resubmitted to the major search engines on a regular basis. We also monitor the performance of your web site and provide you with a detailed report. Contact us today to receive more information on how we can help you to support your investment - your web site.

Consider this...

Two things you should know. Firstly - you will realize a BIG SAVINGS! Our maintenance packages are the most cost effective solutions as far as support is concerned. Secondly - the cost of any of our support plans is much lower than the average annual wage of a junior Webmaster!

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