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I have a small, home-based business. Do I really need a complex web site?
If you are operating a small business or have a home-based office and are not planning to "sell" from the web, you may want to consider a simple-to-mid-range web site (about 10 - 15 pages) that will deliver
the necessary information to your customers. For example, you may want to keep them informed about new products or promotions, or to establish an on-line catalogue. A minimum interaction with this user in the form of a feedback form or questionnaire may serve your purpose. On the other hand, if you are planning to set up an on-line store, or your web site contains a lot of user interaction, which involves database activities, the likelihood is that you would require a more complicated custom approach. Either way, please feel free to complete our request quote form, and we will be happy to give you a
complimentary quotation and advise you as to which package will suit both your requirements and your budget.

Can I build the web site myself?
If you have enough time on your hands to learn HTML, various programming languages, a couple of graphic and imaging applications, and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on books and software, you could probably create a very good web site yourself. We would suggest you to start with Microsoft FrontPage 2000. This is practical software that will help you to put a decent web site together. For graphic design try Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6.02. Alternatively, you could concentrate on your business, and save lots of time and money
by allowing KLM Technologies to handle your web project.

What are the steps in the development process?
First of all, we will familiarize ourselves with your business. We will
discuss some of the key aspects - such as your products and services, your target customer, budget and goals. We will prepare for your consideration a 'project plan', which will include the preliminary layouts and ideas, presented as graphics, images and sounds. Upon your approval, we will put together a pre-production proof that is based on final agreements on all the above components. Finally, we'll produce your web site or demo CD.

Will you register my web site with the search engines?
Yes, we will. For more information on our Search Engine Optimization services please click here

How can I get my site submitted to 500 and more search engines?
Unfortunately, the story about 500 + search engines is a myth. There are only a few large search engines that should matter to you. All others are directories of special areas of interest (e.g. directory of artists, casinos, etc.). KLM Technologies does provide registration services with such directories.

I already have network in place but need an upgrade. Can KLM Technologies help me?
Yes, we can! We provide a full range of network services such as
implementation of a new network, upgrade (hardware and software), as well as technical support and user training. We will analyze your network and infrastructure, and provide you with recommendations on
what upgrade steps should be considered. We can also provide you with the necessary hardware and software.

What type of warranty do you provide?
All equipment is typically warranted for parts and labour for a minimum of one year. Depending on the type of vendor, warranties can vary. Servers are usually warranted for parts and labours for 3 years.

What type of support service packages does KLM Technologies provide?
Depending on your needs, you can purchase either a fixed rate service agreement, which is based on the type and frequency of support you require, or service on-demand agreement where you will be invoiced for the time required to perform the work. Both service packages are intended to help our client to solve operational support issues as well as minor revisions and enhancements.

Tell me more about CD-ROM presentation
Whether you run a small or large business, an interactive CD is one of the best ways of presenting your ideas or products to your customer. In many cases it may cost less to produce a copy of the CD catalogue
than printing one. Also, as you know, many people just hate any forms of mailers or flyers. Many of them end up in the recycle bin. The average ad has only 3 seconds to attract your customer's attention,
and not too many of them will throw away a CD without even viewing what's on it. KLM Technologies can help you design the right CD-ROM that will suit your needs and help you to achieve your goals.

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