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What is a domain Name?
A domain name tells people (and the computers they use) how to find your homepage on the Internet. Your hosting provider assigns each domain name to a numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address. People remember names better than numbers, but computers translate www.yourname.com into IP address numbers.

Why do I need to register a domain name?
Registering a domain name for your business or organization is essential to your marketing efforts. A domain gives your business credibility and a unique identity on the World Wide Web.

What is a URL?
It stands for Univesal Resource Locator. Some people refer to it as a web address (although URL is not limited to the web). An example of a URL is http://www.kmdesignco.coml. Please note that a URL is a unique identifier. No two websites can have the same URL. This is the reason why you should register your domain name before someone else does.

What is an IP address?
Every computer on the Internet has a numeric address called IP-Address that is used to identify the location of the computer. An example of an IP address is This kind of addressing system is cumbersome and hard to remember for humans. Having a domain name will eliminate the need to remember an IP address.

What is a DNS?
DNS stands for "Domain Name Server". It translates domain names into IP addresses that computers understand. For example, if someone wants to access our website (www.klmtechnologies.com), the DNS will translate the domain into the IP address, which will allow the computer to locate our web server.

What are the components of a domain name?
A domain name consists of two or more words separated by a period. The last word (the far right) is called a "top-level domain". Here are some common top-level domains and their use: ".com", ".net", ".org", ".edu", etc. Other top-level domains include those for countries (.CA for Canada, .UK for the United Kingdom, .HK for Hong Kong, etc.)

To the left of the top-level domain is what is called the "second-level domain." In klmtechnology.com, "klmdesignco" represents a second-level domain within the top-level domain of .com.

Do you handle the domain registration process? How much does it cost?
Yes, we now register domain names for only US$14.99/year or CDN$19.99/year! We also take care of any modifications on your already existing domain (i.e. transferring your existing domain to our servers). By paying for the name yourself, you are assured of complete title and ownership of it.

How will I be able to tell if my desired domain name is already taken?
Before registering a domain name you will first have to do a "Whois" search to see if the requested domain name is available. You can do this right from our website. If you need more detailed information about the ownership of the domain name we suggest the following URL: http://www.opensrs.com/.

Can I register a domain name without web hosting?
If you don?t need any of our hosting plans, feel free to take advantage of our Free Parking. You can park your domain names indefinitely on our servers at no extra cost, as long as you maintain ownership of your domain.

Once I have secured my name, how long may I use it?
If there are no trademark disputes, your secured domain name will be yours for as long as you maintain the yearly registration fees with us.

What if my desired domain name is the same as a trademarked name?
If you register a name in good faith, it does not belong to an internationally known company and you can show that you have a legitimate reason to use the name, you will probably be able to keep the name. This may not be the case if it can be shown that you purchased the name for the express purpose of re-selling it to a company with a legitimate claim to the name.

How do I choose a good domain name?
It is important to choose a domain that will reflect the intent and purpose of your website or business. Try to keep it short and simple. Your domain name will be one of the ways people recognize or evaluate the site for their interests when they are searching via Yahoo! or other search engines.

What are the valid characters for a domain name, and how long can it be?
The only valid characters for a domain name are letters, numbers and a hyphen "-". Other special characters like the underscore "_" or an exclamation mark "!" are NOT permitted. Example: your name.com (not correct, no spaces allowed) Example: your-name.com (is correct) A domain name can be up to 72 characters long -- including the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.NET, .COM, .ORG, or .EDU). Do not type the www. before your domain name when registering.

Can I transfer an already existing name to your servers?
Yes, simply contact us to request a transfer. You should keep the service with your current provider while waiting for your registrar to complete the transfer process. This can take up to 3-5 days.

Do you charge to transfer the dns of my existing domain to your servers?
Absolutely not! If you use one of our hosting packages, the least we can do is transfer your domain?s DNS to our servers for you!

How do I transfer my existing name to your servers?
Most registrars give you a username and password so you can go to their site, login and make the necessary DNS modifications (change hosts). You?ll need to enter in our nameserver information as follows:

Primary IP:
Primary Hostname: ns1.meganameservers.com
Secondary IP:
Secondary Hostname: ns2.meganameservers.com
Secondary IP:
Secondary Hostname: ns3.meganameservers.com

Do I have to pay for my existing domain name again if I sign up with you?
Probably not. Most registrars, including Network Solutions, Register.com, and OpenSRS, don't charge you to do DNS Modifications.

Can you host international domain names?
Yes, we can host any foreign extension. We will help you register these names when possible. Otherwise, we will provide you with the information that you need to register the name yourself.

Who is OpenSRS?
OpenSRS is a cooperative SLD (second level domain name) registration service for the .com, .net and .org namespace, managed by TUCOWS.com Inc. OpenSRS is fully accredited by ICANN and officially recognized by Network Solutions. It is a completely open system that has been designed to allow domain name resellers that are not ICANN or NSI affiliated to register domain names at wholesale rates.

I just registered a domain name and it?s still showing as available! Is it registered?
Of course! It will take between 24-48 hours for DNS Propagation. DNS Propagation is the process by which the computers on the Internet update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site name(s). When this is complete, your name can be accessed and recognized on the Internet.

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